Any Volunteers?

The 20013 Florida State Science Fair is being held on Wednesday March 27th at the Lakeland Civic Center and the organizers are looking for qualified judges to assist them. This is purely of a voluntary nature but it is well worth the experience. The judges are required in all categories of science and age groups, you get to decide where you would be best suited. I have been involved in this event for the past two years (this will be my third) and have really enjoyed my time. It’s a all -day event but the Judges are well taken care of (free meals and drinks) and very well appreciated. I have all the details should you want to do this, (, I would love to see the FCS well represented at this event.

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One Response to Any Volunteers?

  1. I would be more than willing to collaborate, but do not know much about the event and what is expected from the voluntary. I could participate at several levels of the event. Pls. guide me through.

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