Let’s help Florida science education!

We don’t get to do this often enough, but I’m happy to kick off our Fifth Annual (can I call it annual if we don’t do it every year?) fundraising for Florida classroom science supplies on Donors Choose. We typically match your donations up to $500 but this time we’re doubling that! We’ll campaign for donations for a month (until about September 7) and then we’ll match your donations up to $1,000.

We’ve chosen five classrooms to support, making sure to help teachers from across the state and at different grade levels. If we fully fund these, we’ll add more to our list.

Go to our Donors Choose Giving Page and let’s get this year off to a great start for science education in Florida!

Understanding Climate Change
Help me give my students climate change kits, a hands-on lab experience to discover how carbon dioxide interacts with the atmosphere to contribute to rising global temperatures from both natural and human resources.
Lehigh Senior High School•Lehigh Acres, FL

Dissecting for Science
Help me give my students first-hand dissection experience. My advanced middle schoolers dissect flowers each year but we use old or substitute instruments. These dissection kits will give them a much better experience!
Glades Middle School•Miramar, FL

K-Style Scientists
Help me give my students authentic lab coats and fog free goggles for fun Science.
Shaw Elementary School•Tampa, FL

STEM Makes The Difference!
Help me bring science to life for my scholars with Science Instant Learning Centers and the K-1 STEM that will help to make Science Alive.
U B Kinsey-Palmview Elementary School•West Palm Beach, FL

Experiential Learning in Space Science
Help me give my students understand and experience space science using visuals and models!
James W Johnson Prep Middle School•Jacksonville, FL

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Communications Director for Florida Citizens for Science.
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