Creationist Voucher Schools

School vouchers (or as some call it, school choice). The simplest definition for vouchers is that the state government helps pay for a student’s education at a private school. Of course, there are nuances to the programs, but that’s the gist of it. Your tax dollars and mine are paying for a child to attend a private school. I’ve addressed my concerns about school vouchers before here and here. I’ve always wanted to research what is going on in the science classrooms of those private schools and I even started that investigations several months ago. But it’s a time consuming task that I could never get far enough into. So, I’m very happy to see that someone else took on the challenge! A website called Say No to Creationist Vouchers lists schools that use questionable (and that’s a charitable word) curriculum and materials in the science classroom or blatantly teach anti-science. The site identifies and links to 163 voucher accepting public schools in Florida that use creationist materials or boldly state that they teach anti-science.

Take a look at what the Calvary Christian Academy in Ft. Lauderdale has to say about their AP Biology course (page 30 of the High School Course Guide pdf):

This advanced placement college course prepares students to have faith in Jesus in an age of science by evaluating college-level biology, chemistry, and physics from a purely biblical perspective. Students will examine the underlying scientific observations and findings in light of both the naturalistic and Christian worldviews. Students will develop a reasonable understanding and defense of their faith in light of contemporary scientific discoveries.

Here’s what Highlands Christian Academy in Deerfield Beach says (page 6 of the student handbook pdf):

We believe in creation, not evolution; that man was created by the direct act of God and in the image of God.

The Master’s Academy in Oviedo says in their Course Offerings and Description Guide (page 8 of the pdf):

All scientific concepts are taught from a distinctively Christian perspective, based primarily on the Genesis account of creation.

I think you get the idea. My sincere thanks to Say No to Creationist Vouchers for doing all of this digging. This research leaves us with an important question: do we want our tax dollars going to these private schools’ anti-science?

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  1. Zagrobelny says:

    Good luck on that AP exam, kids.

  2. Brandon Haught says:


  3. Ivorygirl says:

    Cue Lier for Jesus Chris to tell us how science fails and the babble has all the answers in threee-two-one

  4. kmlisle says:

    Realize that these private schools which take our tax money do not have to take the FCAT in order to qualify for the vouchers. Our new commissioner says he want to change this and it might be a place where FCS could effectively advocate for better science education for our children by making sure these schools take the FCAT and other tests required in public school in order for their kids to graduate and for them to be eligible for vouchers. I believe that includes a biology exam to graduate from HS.

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