The fight will now be won or lost where you live.

Unfortunately, the devious Instructional Materials bill, which creationists and climate change deniers absolutely love, is now signed into law by Governor Rick Scott. This means our fight is only just now beginning. Each and every one of us has to be on alert. You must keep an eye on your local school board and everyone who brings forth a complaint about textbooks. If you don’t, we truly lose. At this point the fight is at the local level. If you’re not there and willing to stand up for sound science education, then we’re done.

Are you ready?

Edited to add: If you’re not familiar with this new law, please read through our Instructional Materials bill blog category. In a nutshell, the new law will allow any resident, not just parents, to protest against what’s found in textbooks, including coverage of evolution, climate change, vaccines, etc. On top of that, school districts must appoint a hearing officer to consider such complaints. It’s bad news all around.

To make things worse, a separate bill was signed into law earlier concerning Religious Liberties in schools. Part of that new law states: “A school district may not discriminate against a student, parent, or school personnel on the basis of a religious viewpoint or religious expression.” We already know for a fact that at least one organization will combine both laws in their crusade against what they view as in balanced inaccuracies in Florida textbooks. The group’s leaders have gone on the record with their intentions.

“[Florida Citizens’ Alliance’s Keith] Flaugh said his group will use it in conjunction with the instructional materials bill to contest textbooks that demonstrate ‘bias toward Islam and seldom mention Christianity,’ and promote those that push for a Christian view of the origins of life. ‘Darwin’s theory is a theory, and the biblical view is a theory, and our kids should be taught both in a balanced way,’ he said.”

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Communications Director for Florida Citizens for Science.
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7 Responses to The fight will now be won or lost where you live.

  1. Daniel Rosenthal says:

    Creationists confuse the words “theory” and “hypothesis”. A hypothesis is a
    testable idea put forth to explain some phenomenon which has not been tested
    yet; a theory is an idea that has been tested and passed the tests.

  2. Chris says:

    Daniel, when did evolution pass the test?

  3. JES says:

    Curious: will this allow challenges in BOTH directions? That is, if a local school board permits a unit on creationism, can a group of citizens who don’t believe in that “theory” file a complaint of their own? Anyone know?

  4. Sal says:

    Idiots. You smug, ignorant people. What is the matter with you? Climate Change and Evolution are not ‘theories’ for debate. They are facts and will influence the future of our blessed children. Leaving matters of ‘education’ up to you is only committing them to a life of ignorance and, probably, much hardship with the future calamities of our earth.
    Please, please….FOR THE SAKE OF OUR CHILDREN…..stop this nonsense and stay out of education and, while you are at it, take a look at the constitution again.

  5. Chris says:

    Sal,You are such a mental giant the whole world thought evolution and climate theory were debatable as science but because there not, they can’t be science. Thank you for revealing this unknown truth.

    Being the genius you are I implore you have mercy on those uninformed individuals who are belivers like yourself, spread the tail, become an active member of The First Church of Evolution where you can worship your ancestors those imaginary, invisible ape like creatures, without concern knowing the church does not violated the establishment clause, even though it’s doctrine dose. Or you would be a blessing at one of Pagan religions like the Goddess Mother Earth, where earth worshipers like yourself can send cash to Al Gore’s jet fuel fund and save the planet from climate change aka global warming/global cooling/global snow job. Science would say that it’s just puddle of hot monkey piss, but I believe for you and you alone would know it’s that warm little imaginary pond where it all began.

    You’ve touch are hearts with your concern for the children, we can only hope you had none.

  6. William Steinman says:

    Brandon, I support you 100%. You probably thought of this yourself, but your organization needs to be the biggest protester of the curriculum. The more objections you write, the more you tie up the process. One more thing. Don’t use the same 10 people to complain. Get hundreds involved to complain about the curriculum. One small complaint each.

    Good luck, buddy.


  7. g says:

    I live in Pensacola, and I’m incredibly disturbed that we would pass this law. Does anyone know the specifics of how to contact an “unbiased hearing officer”? I want to use the outlet they’re providing me to let them know that I shouldn’t have a voice in science education, BECAUSE I AM NOT A SCIENTIST.

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