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Lafayette County goes all out

The Lafayette County school board didn’t want to be outdone by anyone. They actually called a special meeting for the purpose of doing an anti-evolution resolution. The Lafayette County School Board unanimously adopted a resolution in protest of a proposed … Continue reading

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Darwin Day & FCS Annual Meeting

Darwin Day is coming up! See the main Darwin Day website for background on this annual event. Here in Florida there is a full day of Darwin in store for folks around Tallahassee Feb. 9 at FSU. There will be … Continue reading

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Dropping the curriculum for FCAT

And now for some non-evolution science education news … the FCAT is so dang important that regular science curriculum is being dropped in some schools in order to do an intense FCAT prep. (The FCAT is the Florida Comprehensive Assessment … Continue reading

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State’s lawmakers might rattle their sabers

I had already noted a warning issued by State Rep. Dan Gelber that legislators might take an interest in all the hoopla over evolution being in the new draft of the state science standards. Now a second lawmaker states essentially … Continue reading

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Nassau County passed their anti-evolution resolution

I called the Nassau County school district today during my lunch break. The superintendent’s secretary informed me that the anti-evolution resolution passed unanimously during last week’s school board meeting. [Previous post on this here.] That makes 10 county school boards that … Continue reading

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Media Fact Sheet issued

A media fact sheet concerning some common fallacies reporters may encounter while covering the story of evolution in the state science standards was recently sent out. If you are a reporter or editor and didn’t get one, or if you’re … Continue reading

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Show and tell time

Here are a couple of things that have happened to me lately that I thought y’all might get a kick out of. I don’t get personal mail at work. No letters, no junk mail, no packages, nothing. But yesterday a … Continue reading

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Heads-up: Anti-evolution heads south to Highlands County

The Tampa Tribune (Highlands Today) reports that Highlands County school board members need to learn their science. This is the first county that’s not in north Florida to have this discussion. They haven’t done a resolution yet, but they want … Continue reading

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