Evolution is a scientific fact – except, perhaps, in Texas

Imagine that your state legislature has decided to revamp the way that health and medicine are taught in the Florida public schools system. To do this, they must tackle the “germ theory of disease“, the idea that infectious disease is caused by microorganisms such as viruses and bacteria. The legislature, noting that this idea has many vocal opponents, declares that it is “only a theory”. Many people, for instance, think that Aids has nothing to do with viruses, but is the byproduct of a dissipated life. In light of this “controversy”, the legislature sets up a school board that includes not only doctors, but also shamans, faith healers and, for good measure a few “psychic surgeons”.

You would rightly be furious if all this happened. After all, the “germ theory” of disease is more than just a theory – it’s a fact.  BUT, this is precisely what is happening in Texas with respect to another well-established theory of biology: evolution.

Read the rest of Jerry Coyne great article in the Guardian CO UK

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