Progress report on fundraising for science supplies campaign

We’re about halfway through our month-long campaign raising funds for science supplies requested by Florida teachers via Donors Choose (see our post launching this 5th annual fundraiser here). And I’m happy to report that we’ve raised $590 so far and fully funded one of our chosen projects! Awesome job, folks. But we’re still steaming ahead until our official wrap up on Sept. 18. We have at least three other projects to fund; we’re so close!

Mrs. Wieman Starling at Mariner Middle School, Cape Coral
“Amazing Reactions in Science”
Fully Funded!

Mrs. B. at Eneida Massas Hartner Elementary School, Miami
“Enhancing Our Science Classroom”
Still needs $178

Ms. Downing at Seminole High School, Sanford
“Building Bonds”
Still needs $151

Mr. Christmas at Pinetta Elementary School, Pinetta
“DASH and Doodle”
Still needs $165, but Craig Newmark Philanthropies is matching donations, so the amount needed now is only $83

Go to our Florida Citizens for Science Giving Page at Donors Choose to pitch in.

Let’s make these projects reality! And remember, we here at Florida Citizens for Science will give $500 at the close of the campaign to any projects not fully funded at that point or to new projects if the ones on our Giving Page are already funded by then. Can we raise more than our previous four campaigns?

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