Columns about science in Florida papers this week

Columns were published in two papers this week about science. The first is by Pensacola News Journal writer Troy Moon: Flat Earthers — science deniers, trolls or just kind of, well, not that bright?

Some of you wise folks might have thought the Flat Earth Theory went away once humans learned to walk and chew gum at the same time. But no, it seems society is in a bit of a de-evolution these days. We’re listening to celebrities and athletes for insight into science. Next, Katy Perry will probably persuade a segment of gullibles that the stars above are made out of candy glitter and Pop Rocks. And Snoop Dogg will push the theory that his specially marketed edibles will make the human nervous system less nervous and much more chill.

The other piece is by me in the Orlando Sentinel: Attacks on science education intensify — push back, Florida.

Science education in Florida’s public schools is facing an unprecedented assault that started last year and has the high potential to escalate this year. Evolution and climate change are the targets of a coordinated attack as detractors of these concepts seek to balance lessons with some forms of creationism or denial of human-caused climate change. […] science education in under unprecedented assault here in the Sunshine State. It’s important to stand up in support of sound science education. Will you stand with us?


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