Sen. Hays files bill about instructional materials

State senator Alan Hays filed a bill recently (SB 1018: Instructional Materials for K-12 Public Education) that says, in part:

Each district school board shall ensure that all instructional materials used in the classroom meet the following criteria:
b. Provide a noninflammatory, objective, and balanced viewpoint on issues

Anyone want to take a guess as to what Hays’ motivation is?

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Communications Director for Florida Citizens for Science.
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2 Responses to Sen. Hays files bill about instructional materials

  1. Chris says:

    An attempt to give parents a voice against Common Core’s Islamic doctrinal preference could very well be what he is shooting for. This is becoming a problem around country as parents recognize that Islamic ideology comes to dominate, not assimilate.

  2. Pierce R. Butler says:

    After looking up Hays’s party affiliation*, I suspect his definition of “balance” comes from the same dictionary used by the False Noise network.

    *Do you need to ask?

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