“Talk Science With Me” event in Gainesville

science-communicationThere is an interesting event happening in Gainesville tonight called Talk Science With Me. Scientists from the University of Florida will be at various locations around town standing by to chat with you and answer your burning science questions. Their publicity/social media isn’t the best at this point so I’ll try to help them out. I know where some scientists will be at but others aren’t as clear. Here’s what I pieced together from their Facebook and Twitter feeds.

  • Joe Meert is a geologist: Gainesville Public Library downtown from 6-8 pm
  • Andree George is a microbiologist who specializes in soil and water science. Right now he’s studying how salmonella interacts with tomatoes: Know Where Coffee, 5:30-7:30 pm
  • Jack Hutchings’ specialty is in Geology and Paleontology: (location is unclear)
  • Kim Hawkins is a medical scientist and her area of specialty is in neuroscience: (location is unclear)
  • Mike Perfit is a geologist: Gator Laundromat
  • Library Headquarters in downtown Gainesville in on the venue list but it’s unclear who will be there.

They’re going to try and live-tweet the event and use the hashtag #talkscience. If you know anything more about this event, please leave a comment.

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4 Responses to “Talk Science With Me” event in Gainesville

  1. Joe Meert says:

    Joe “Mburger” is really Joe Meert a geologist at UF. Brandon used my facebook moniker

  2. Brandon Haught says:

    Sorry about that. The post is now corrected.

  3. Pierce R. Butler says:

    Ahh phooey!

    Imagine what it feels like to live in G’ville and not see this until past 11 pm…

  4. Katie Stofer says:

    Hi! Thanks for the posting. Yes, we are just getting this effort started, so we appreciate all the help with publicity. We had a great time last night and are already planning for our next event which will be the third week of September. We’ll be in Gainesville and around the county – hopefully Micanopy, Archer, Hawthorne, Waldo, and High Springs. We are contacting our next round of venues (we’ll also return to the ones we went to last night, hopefully). Watch our social media for details – we are getting slowly up to speed.

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