They like them, they like them!

The Orlando Sentinel School Zone blog reports that with about one week to go for folks to rate and review the Next Generation Science Standards for possible Florida adoption, things are looking positive.

As of Wednesday, 631 people had reviewed the standards, put together by panels of scientists and 26 states (but not Florida). Eighty eight percent had recommended Florida adopt them.

But, of course, we’re always going to see stuff like this:

“I am concerned that evolution is still being taught as fact and that creation is not addressed as a possible, even viable, explanation of nature and world,” wrote a “business/industry” person from Duval County.

Fortunately, such opinions seem to be in the minority so far. Let’s keep it that way! If you haven’t submitted your own review, do so now.

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Communications Director for Florida Citizens for Science.
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One Response to They like them, they like them!

  1. Ivorygirl says:

    Whether they adopt NGSS or they revise/renew the Florida state science standards, there is going to be opposition to evolution and climate change.
    We might as well expect it and be prepared to overcome the objections.

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