We did it!!

Attention Florida science nuts: We did it!

Back on August 7, Florida Citizens for Science (FCS) launched a fundraising campaign focused on helping science education here in the Sunshine State. We worked through the DonorsChoose website where teachers propose classroom projects or equipment needs they can’t afford on their own or through the school system. FCS originally chose five science education projects proposed by Florida teachers and challenged you to make those wishes reality. The initial challenge had a target of raising $600 in donations and then FCS would match that amount, bringing the total to $1,200. Well, that was the original plan. Three weeks into the month-long challenge you donated much more than $600; you rocketed all the way to $912.

Since FCS still needed to add its promised $600 to the pot we added a sixth teacher project to our challenge. Today, FCS used that pledged $600 to push the challenge over the finish line a week early. All of our projects are now fully funded. Congratulations!

Here is what we did to help Florida science education:

  • Safety goggles are going to Claude Pepper Elem School, Miami.
  • Preserved animal specimens for biology “show and tell” are going to Edgewater High School, Orlando.
  • A set of magnets is going to Royal Palm Charter School, Palm Bay.
  • Five microscopes are going to Quail Hollow Elementary School, Wesley Chapel.
  • Impact cars, a projectile launcher and other related lab equipment is going to Avon Park.
  • A stereo microscope is going to Country Oaks Elementary School, Labelle.

We’re not done, though. FCS still has $116 left to spend of its pledged $600. So, you have one last homework assignment. Find one more project on the DonorsChoose website that we can use the last of our money on. I would prefer that we fully fund a project if one can be found that we can afford. Offer your picks in the comments here.

I hope you feel good about what we’ve done. I know I do!

About Brandon Haught

Communications Director for Florida Citizens for Science.
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4 Responses to We did it!!

  1. Jeff Handy says:

    Hey Brandon, this is in my neighborhood and they only need $108 to finish up.

  2. Jeff Handy says:

    If you want something specific to science, this one is pretty close and I’ll be happy to cover the rest.


  3. Jeff Handy says:

    All that’s left now should be $116 for the second project I posted. I covered the rest.

  4. S.Scott says:

    Woo Hoo!!!!! 🙂

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