11th editorial, other tidbits

The 11th newspaper editorial supporting evolution in the schools appeared in the TCPalm today.

Editorial: Science classes need to evolve

And, since Charles Darwin’s “On the Origin of Species” was published in 1859, in which his theory of evolution was first introduced, scientific research and discoveries have added immensely to confirming his theory as factual. The physical evidence — including DNA — is on the side of evolution. Other biological theories or beliefs lack such physical support.

Florida students test poorly in science. They need the best, most reliable scientific observations and explanations to enhance their understanding.

The teaching of evolution must be part of that experience.

As usual, a TV station completely screws up a story about evolution in the science standards. Do these folks even know what their own story is about?

Explaining how time began has long been a controversial issue for many.

They didn’t even bother to go for a “balanced” story, only interviewing those opposed.

Jackson County School Board Member Daniel Sims says they are opposed to those changes. “The Sunshine State standard says the fundamental concept underling all biology is evolution, we disagree.”

If it wasn’t so sad, that would be a knee-slapping statement. “We disagree.” Oh good grief! People say that the sun rises every day, but we disagree. On what scientific authority do these people base their opposition to evolution? Do they also disagree with the restaurant chef, auto mechanic, dentist and hair dresser when they use these people’s services? You say that a battery is needed for my car to run, but I disagree.

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  1. Spirula says:

    Do these folks even know what their own story is about?

    I watch the news regularly. I have come to the conclusion that the average intelligence of teevee reporters is barely above that of your average cabbage. It’s all about “fear” and “face”. Stoke the public fear but put a pretty face on it.

    But then there are blogs like this one. I sense that blogs are the news corporations greatest threat, and why you will hear their personnel attacking blogs.

    Keep up the great work.

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