It’s time to make a difference

Take-Action-2-300x212Creationists, climate change deniers and anti-vaccine nuts are gloating. The instructional materials bill that will allow them to gum up the local textbook selection process and bully school boards into compromise passed its final House vote. Representatives approved it 94-25. Meanwhile, the final Senate committee to hear it said yes 16-0.

Now the full Senate will debate SB 1210 and shortly after that vote on it. At least we hope they’ll actually debate it and not rubber stamp it. But the only way that could happen is if you demand they do. Contact every senator you can.

Need some ammunition? Read through our comprehensive Instructional Materials bills ’17 blog category. Pay special attention to these revealing posts:

Check out the media coverage and op-eds on this bill:

Are you armed and ready to go now? Good. Get to work.

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  1. Michelle Groenings says:

    Unfortunately, we now know this bill will pass. It is time for parents, teachers, administrators and community members to work together to ensure that our students have access to instructional materials free from extremist influence. My email is here. I hope that any and all contact me (I am a Collier County parent and also a former instructional materials committee member.) We can assist you in a plan of action to counter the influence of the fringe group that has actually authored this legislation.

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