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There are several newspaper articles and opinion columns popping up over the past several days complaining about this past legislative session. It’s nice to see that the majority of them that I’ve seen have been lumping the evolution bills in with the Truck Nutz and I Believe license plate bad idea garbage. Not everyone feels that way, though.

[James A.] Smith, [the executive editor of the Florida Baptist Witness] said that moderate Republicans — dubbed RINOs, for “Republican in Name Only” — who voted against the abortion and evolution bills would have to be defeated by social conservatives to win future legislative battles.

“Until one of these RINO Republicans gets taken out, there’s not going to be much reason from them to believe there’s any accountability to be feared for voting against religious conservatives,” Smith said. “Whether or not religious conservatives are not as influential as they were once believed to be kind of remains to be seen.”

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11 Responses to Complaining about politics

  1. firemancarl says:

    If you can wish, you can believe!

  2. Wolfhound says:

    What drives me insane is that these “social/religious conservatives” are the true RINOs. The Republican party used to be about less government intrusion but ever since they embraced the Christofacists, the party has become all about the government controling your personal life.

  3. Foxtail says:

    Don’t be naive Wolf, government always will try and control your personal life. No matter what side of an issue you are on.

  4. Ivy Mike says:

    It’s the fallout from Nixon’s (successful) “Southern Strategy”, Wolf.

    The GOP was able to dominate Presidential politics for almost 20 years by peeling off the “Dixiecrat” voters after the rest of the Democrat party swung radically leftward in the 60’s. Unfortunately, you and I and every other liberty-minded Right-leaner has to deal with the remnants, which is the Religious Right.

    Ronald Reagan was the last President who could actually keep them in line, and he did it by masterfully patting them on the head, telling them he was “one of them”, and then doing precisely nothing for them. He was just so likeable they let him get away with it, too. However, they wouldn’t grant his Repub successors the same lattitude.

  5. Foxtail says:

    Yeah the late last great presidnet Ronald Reagan. Who being a member of the religous right. A man against big government, abortion, gay rights, ERA, high taxes, etc. He would even be against the theory of man made global warming if still alive.

  6. Ivy Mike says:


    Reagan a “member of the Religious Right”?!? Sure, pull the other leg, now.

    He merely USED the fanatics. Used them well, too. They voted for him; he was able to do some great things…defeat communism, strengthen the military, lower taxes, and bring a broad sense of optimism to America.

    And, not ONCE did he ever have to really GIVE the fundies anything they wanted. For just one example, is abortion still legal? How many of his SCOTUS nominees were the sort of “Fire-Breathin’ Conservative Xtians” y’all wanted? HAH!

    Gads, he played you rubes like a violin. Good thing, too…y’all might have decided to vote for that “Born-Again Christian”, Jimmy Carter…AGAIN. You put him over the top in ’76, remember?

    Even Carter played you guys.

  7. S.Scott says:

    FC – I just saw your source – LoL!

  8. firemancarl says:

    Awesome aint it S.Scott?

  9. jehu says:

    Another view ; ) Just a slight change.

    “Until one of these RINO Republicans gets burned at the stake for heresy, there’s not going to be much reason from them to believe there’s any accountability to be feared for voting against religious conservatives.”

  10. S.Scott says:

    lol 🙂

  11. Kevin F. says:

    The fun part is that the non-RINO republicans will legislate from belief over evidence. I find this frightening.

    In a time of fiscal challenge, unprecedented difficulties and major changes, these “leaders” will ignore data, dodge facts and argue nonsense because they think it true. Even if all evidence points the other way, if it does not fit with scripture, its wrong.

    Worse, they don’t address the failing education system, lopsided state economy or deteriorating industry and infrastructure. Instead, they are placating the deleterious whims of a handful of insecure faithful that see a dope-smoking homo abortionist with a pentagram around every corner.

    Someone hit the lights. We’re too stupid as a nation to deserve freedom.

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