Full calendar

OK, since there are quite a few things happening, I’ll try to outline it all here for your convenience.

Feb. 9 — Darwin Day in Tallahassee. Also, the Florida Citizens for Science annual meeting will be held at this event. And another Darwin Day event will be held in Coconut Creek the same day.

Feb. 11 — Board of Education public hearing about the new draft of the state science standards. This meeting is very important as it is the last chance to speak out in favor of evolution in the standards.

Feb. 13 — Bay County school board meeting. Board is considering an anti-evolution resolution.

Feb. 19 — The big day! The state Board of Education will meet and determine whether the new draft of the state standards, with evolution included, will be approved. I don’t have a link to point to about this meeting, but as more information becomes available, we’ll get it out.

Ongoing — Florida Citizens for Science’s online petition in support of the new state science standards. We are at a little more than 1,400 signatures. Let’s keep this going!

Ongoing — Florida Citizen for Science’s Call to Action project “Homework Assignment: Evolution Education.” Send the Board of Education an evolution fact sheet and personal note.

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