A real head-scratcher

A central Florida TV station has a short writeup on its website entitled Creationism Vs. Evolution. That headline is the first problem. It’s unfortunate that the media so often likes to present a so-called “balanced” story. Creationism is not going to get into the classroom, media folks. The Supreme Court has made that clear over and over again. Do some basic research and quit making that your headline! Rather than just reporting on the news, you are in fact contributing to the problem. Sheesh.

Another problem is that the story is all wrong. Completely.

The Department of Education wants to change the language in textbooks, specifically using the word evolution for the first time. 

Where in the hell did they get that? The word is already in textbooks. What is being changed is the inclusion of evolution in the state science standards. The station even goes so far as to base an online poll on the question, “Should schools start adding the word “evolution” to textbooks?” This is a news station?

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  1. Progressive Florida says:

    This is getting rediculous. What do they want them to teach students in science classes, religion?!! This is the United States of America for crying out loud! We need to be teaching students science in the science classroom, so we don’t continue to fall behind the rest of the world. If students want to find out about different religious beliefs, then offer a philosophy or religion class.

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