Let’s start off the school year right!

My room is all set up and ready for about 160 high school freshmen (over the course of 6 class periods) to get excited about environmental science starting Monday. I was in my room all day Saturday putting on the final touches. I could spend all of today in there, too, but I don’t want to get burned out before school even starts. I love teaching environmental. It’s so relevant to every single student’s life and only the most stubborn of teens are going to fail to see that when I’m done with them. Heck, even those stubborn ones will probably see the light but just refuse to admit it.

I’m ready to go. However, there are some teachers who are still wanting to work some science magic on their students but they don’t have the supplies to do so. Yes, I’m talking about our 4th annual fundraising campaign through Donors Choose. We’re trying to help a few Florida teachers obtain the materials they need to make science come alive in their classes.

Your giving so far has funded three classroom projects. One class will be learning about insect life cycles through caterpillars. Another group of lucky kids will learn about environmental science because they will now have hands-on experiences in new gardens. And young students will be able to safely view the upcoming solar eclipse because of the special glasses you funded for them.

But we’re short of our goal! There are five other projects that need your help to cross the finish line. The students want to learn about electricity, erosion, weather and water. As I said at the beginning of this post, school is back in session. The kids are walking through those classroom doors now.

Let’s give them a good year of science. Please give at our Donors Choose Giving Page. Florida Citizens for Science will match your donations up to a total of $700.

And excuse me while a show off a bit. Here’s a few pictures of my room, all ready to go!

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