UCF becoming a debate hotspot

Eugenie Scott of the National Center for Science Education had visited UCF earlier this month to talk about evolution and the attempts to undermine evolution teaching in the public schools. Now a student group on the campus hosted their own event “Questions for Evolution.” Unfortunately, it’s hard to judge how this young earth creationism event fared as the linked article doesn’t mention how many people attended, and the writer didn’t do anything more than cursory reporting. The only thing we can glean from this article is the obvious fact that opposition to evolution is based on religion and not science.

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  1. Josh Krupnick says:

    I think if any facts are considered there is absolutely no possible argument for YEC. One need not have a science background or half a brain to understand that there is no possible way to compact the entire history of our planet into a mere 6000 years. For students of any subject at UCF, it is laughable that such a notion is even being discussed.

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