Pushing hard for the near future

FSU physics professor Paul Cottle says: Why do I push so hard to keep students who took Algebra 1 in middle school moving through the science and engineering pipeline by taking the right math and science courses?  Because I know they could be doing this in seven short years

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2 Responses to Pushing hard for the near future

  1. cope says:

    This post by Paul Cottle is a perfect illustration of why those of us who have chosen to teach teach.

    We look for potential, we look to ignite the spark and nothing is more rewarding…nothing.

    Only science can lead in that direction. A “cast in stone” dogma cannot, a political agenda cannot, a self-serving desire to impose one’s particular world view on others cannot. Only the open-minded approach of science allows these kinds of advancements to be made.

  2. Ivorygirl says:


    As a science teacher for 31 years I couldn’t agree with you more. Well said !!!

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