Details on Pasco school board races

In a “know your candidates” feature at the St. Petersburg Times website, school board candidates were asked several questions, one of them being: “Should schools teach creationism in science?”

District 3 candidates said:

Cynthia Armstrong
“I do not believe that creationism has a place in the science curriculum.”

Mike Ryan
“I’m for teaching evolutionary theory and I’m for teaching intelligent design.”

Sallie Skipper
“I am a devout Christian but I believe in evolution.”

Anthony Terranova
Tell students the idea exists, but do not teach religion in school.

District 4 candidates said:

Alison Crumbley
“Religion does not belong in a public school classroom.”

Billie Ann Kaleel
“I don’t have a stand on those issues at all.”

Steven Kanakis
“Teaching of creationism is I think better left to churches.”

Karen King
No. “I do not think we should impose it on other people.”

John Tracy
“I believe that a student should have a choice. … For students going in as creationists, if they don’t want to study evolution, there should be other options for them.”

It’s nice to see that question asked point blank and enlightening to read the responses. I also like how after all of these years of various creationists trying to morph into intelligent design and “teach the controversy” advocates that the creationist label still sticks.

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  1. Peter says:

    There is a debate tonight in the New Port Richey area with all the Pasco School Board candidates, according to St. Pete Times blog:

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