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First newsletter

Some of the folks here at Florida Citizens for Science have dipped their toes into new water, producing the first edition of a newsletter: Florida Science Matters. You can see the pdf file as a large file (8 mb) or … Continue reading

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Florida leading the way!

The Fordham Institute conducts regular reviews of states’ science standards and oftentimes pays close attention to the treatment of evolution in those standards. Another review is actively in the works, and a reviewer wrote a blog post praising one state … Continue reading

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So near and yet so far

It’s almost over. Provided I don’t run into any unexpected road blocks, I will finally have my college degree and official certification to teach biology in Florida schools in just a few months. I completed my three-month teacher internship and … Continue reading

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Another paper opposes “theory of whatever” bill

Florida Today has published an editorial opposing Sen. Wise’s “non-evolution” “theory of whatever” bill: There he goes again. Sen. Wise used identical language in a previous bill that failed to become law. It’s almost pitiful, that this is what the … Continue reading

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The Scientific Evidence Against Evolution

There is a complete list on Rational Wiki that shows all the scientific evidence for evolution being a complete hoax. I think,along with Sen. Steve Wise, that we should “critically analyse” all this evidence in our science class rooms. If anyone … Continue reading

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Evolution newspaper story a confusing mess

I’m feeling mighty confused by an article that recently appeared in Hernando Today (a Tampa Tribune paper): Educators: Bill that criticizes evolution won’t hurt students. Read the following excerpt and ponder what is being stated for a moment: Dr. Stacey … Continue reading

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2 good links

Here are two websites worth checking out. The AAAS Science Assessment website is a great resource for understanding what students do and do not know, based on tons of research. Teachers, this site is worth your time to check out. … Continue reading

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