Casey Luskin And the DI Still Crying

Over at “The Loom” Ken Miller has responded to Luskin’s constant crying and whining that Miller misrepresented Behe, in his testimony at the Dover Trial. Miller demolishes Luskin (and Behe) in three parts,the next two episodes will follow over the weekend.

The second part of Ken Millers guest post is now up at the “Loom” and Luskin fares even worse.

The third and final post by Ken Miller is up.  You can “stick a fork” in Luskin and Behe,they are well and truly done.

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2 Responses to Casey Luskin And the DI Still Crying

  1. IVORY GIRL says:

    Ken Miller murders Luskin and Behe,it’s almost painful to read.
    Part three should be posted tomorrow.

  2. Noodelicious says:

    Waaaah…hahahahahaha 🙂
    Hope you all had a fantastic festive break.

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