Teacher to experience science underwater

A science teacher at the MAST Academy (in Key Biscayne) is going to be a Teacher Under the Sea for eight days. He’ll be helping with scientific research at the Aquarius, which is world’s only undersea research facility. It’s 60 feet under the waves in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary. Here’s the scoop on what Mark Tohulka is going to be busy doing.

While aboard the research station, Tohulka will be responsible for collecting data along with three other scientists as well as managing the outreach aspect of the program.

He will be the first school teacher to participate in an Aquarius saturation mission.

As one of the scientists on the crew, Tohulka will spend some time in the water collecting data and doing outreach through media broadcasts, blogs and Web communication.

The three live video broadcasts that will take place on Aquarius will be made available to networks.

Footage will also be stored in Aquarius archives for other teachers to incorporate into their lesson plans.

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Communications Director for Florida Citizens for Science.
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