Science scores up 14 points at Polo Park Middle

Here is an interesting story about a partnership between Discovery Communications (responsible for the Discovery Channel and Animal Planet) and Polo Park Middle School in Palm Beach County. Discovery went above and beyond in helping the school implement a new supplemental educational program despite tight budgets.

Hardin Daniel, Discovery’s vice president of education assessment development, said one of the major reasons the program works so well is that it is state specific. The Florida version has been designed to help students with the FCAT. The other reason, he said, is that it is easy to use and understand by teachers.

It looks like this might be the product the school is using. Can you beat a jump of 14 points on the science FCAT?

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3 Responses to Science scores up 14 points at Polo Park Middle

  1. firemancarl says:

    Science goes up, superstition goes down. I hope they bring something like that to Volusia Countys schools.

  2. “Discovery Education” – not to be confused with “Discovery Institute” which promotes mis-education.

  3. Karl says:

    The mere use of the term “Discovery” by the DI is an oxymoron based on their purpose and actions. There’s not much discovery to be made with all the lies and misinformation they’ve been proliferating. It’s kinda like the “Ministry of Truth” from the novel, 1984. I wonder if the DI’s founders were big fans of Orwell….

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