Here’s an opportunity to sound off!

Last week I told you about the Florida Constitution Revision Commission, charged with making recommendations for ways our state constitution can be revised. I pointed out that one suggestion filed by the commissions was this:

4. Deleting language barring state funds from going to “aid of any church, sect or religious denomination.”

In last week’s post I explained why that can directly impact science education in our state. Essentially, making the suggested change to the constitution could open the doors to state funds being funneled via vouchers to many more private religious schools than current voucher programs already do. And that means state funds financing blatant creationism in science classes.

I am rehashing all of this so that I can motivate you to seize the opportunity to do something. The Freedom From Religion Foundation issued an alert notifying us that this bad idea is getting a hearing this Wednesday (Nov. 29) in Tallahassee. Find the details about the meeting here.

Please consider attending. The more voices speaking against this proposal the better. The FFRF will be focusing on religious liberty issues, and if you attend you can talk about the potential science education complications. If you plan on attending, please let us know!

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