“It’s like a return to the Flat Earth Society.”

The creationist-enabling bills that have been coasting through our state legislature are attracting negative attention lately. We certainly appreciate that a couple of recent articles are raising awareness about these horrible bills. (See the Instructional Materials bill ’17 blog category for all the details about these bills.)

Orlando Sentinel: Florida wants to bolster book-banning in schools (by columnist Scott Maxwell)

Legislators are rapidly advancing a bill that would make it easier for parents and activists to challenge textbooks and reading assignments they find offensive, so schools can “discontinue use” of them.

Oh no, my child read something new! Something edgy! Something about evolution! Bring me a government censor ASAP!

It’s like a return to the Flat Earth Society.

Vice News: Climate Denial in Schools

Currently, six states have legislative measures pending or already on the books that would allow anti-science rhetoric, including the rejection of global warming, to seep its way into schools’ curricula. While these types of proposals have become fairly routine in certain states, some of the most recent crop have advanced farther than in the past.

And Florida has two bills pending aimed at letting local residents object to the use of certain instructional materials, such as textbooks that teach human-induced climate change, in public schools.

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