Minnesota information relevant to Florida antievolution

Wesley Elsberry is looking for some Minnesota Department of Education information from 2003. Depending on what he digs up, he might find it to be connected to activity here in Florida today. Please help him out if you can.

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  1. The relevance was via Cheri Yecke, who disputed a newspaper report that she had said that Minnesota local school districts could teach “intelligent design” if they chose to.

    I found a video that shows Yecke saying the same concept that the newspaper reported:

    “CPY: Well, creationism is off the table completely because of a 1987 supreme court ruling. The issue really is intelligent design and evolution and the there was language that was put in the conference committee report that accompanied the no child left behind act that said you know students should be exposed to all sides of a controversial issue. And we brought that up to the committee members because we didn’t want to see this just evolve into a controversy. We spent a lot of time on the math committee just just talking about the use of calculators, and time is precious, so we wanted to make sure that we stopped any kind of controversy at the beginning. And it is well understood now that this is a decision that would be made by local school boards and not the state.”

    See the video:

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