Let’s “Cover Up” Our Heads in The Florida Sand

In a report published in yesterdays (Sundays) Miami Herald Newspaper, reporter Tristam Korten revealed that, on orders from governor Scott and his ilk, state officials are not permitted to use the terms “global warming” or “climate change’ in environmental reports or talks.  The term “sea-level rise” was also replaced with the term “nuisance flooding.” Scott is a climate-change denialist. During his first campaign for governor in 2010, Scott told reporters who asked about his views on climate change that he had “not been convinced,” and that he would need “something more convincing than what I’ve read.” We should all be concerned with this “cover up” since climate change would and should be part of the 2016 revised Florida Science Standards. Along with his denial of evolution,the state’s governor is no supporter of real science.

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6 Responses to Let’s “Cover Up” Our Heads in The Florida Sand

  1. Pierce R. Butler says:

    “Sustainability” also made the list of Rick-Scott-Incorrect terms.

    Apparently Florida’s planners, environmental officials, hydrologists, etc feel seriously intimidated about potential/impending job cuts, as apparently few carried on with synonymous jargon such as “current anthropogenic thermal effects” or “oceanographic fluid volume fluctuations”.

    Note also that Rick Scott & Co. have dismantled just about all the environmental regulations which survived the reigns of Charlie Crist & Jeb! Bush. Bulldozers will run rampant across the state to the degree that “sustainability” will apply to nothing at all here anyway.

  2. Ivorygirl says:

    Scott’s a Republican enough said !!!

  3. David Campbell says:

    The following lyrics from the pen of the much missed English writer Michael Flanders seem appropriate.

    “This is the song the Ostrich sings.

    Peek-a-Boo, I can’t see you,

    Everything must be grand.

    Boo-ka-Pee, they can’t see me,

    As long as I’ve got me head in the sand.

    Peek-a-Boo, it may be true,

    There’s something in what you’ve said,

    But we’ve got enough troubles in everyday life,

    I just bury me head.

    Oh, Ostrich consider hw the world we know

    Is trembling on the brink.

    Have you heard the news, may I hear your views,

    Will you tell me what you think.

    The Ostrich lifted its head from the sand,

    About an inch or so;

    ‘You will please excuse, but disturbing news

    I have no wish to know.'”

  4. Pierce R. Butler says:

    FL Employee Reportedly Reprimanded After Referencing ‘Climate Change’

    According to PEER [Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility], the Florida Department of Environmental Protection issued a letter of reprimand to DEP employee Barton Bibler earlier in March and allegedly ordered the employee to take two days’ leave.

    The letter of reprimand from DEP said that Bibler “engaged in personal political advocacy related to the Keystone XL Pipeline.” … when Bibler was asked to rewrite his meeting summary, he allegedly attached a document with the phrase “Keystone XL Pipeline” with a red circle and cross through it.

    DEP spokeswoman Lauren Engel said on Wednesday that DEP has “no such policy banning the use of ‘climate change,'” according to the Palm Beach Post.

    See link for more details and further links.

  5. Pierce R. Butler says:

    Bibler says he “didn’t get the memo” about not acknowledging reality.

    But others in Florida state government did:

    In 2010, Gov. Charlie Crist’s final year in office, DEP’s website hosted 20 documents that contained a total of 209 references to “climate change.” The next year, Scott’s first in office, the numbers declined to 15 documents and 123 total references.

    That decline has continued through Scott’s tenure as governor. Last year, there were 16 documents with a total of 34 references to “climate change.” All those documents were from other agencies, except for a DEP quick reference phone list guide that listed “climate change” as a subject, and a number to call at the Office of Business Planning. There have been no documents added so far this year that use the term climate change.

  6. Pierce R. Butler says:

    Recently (no exact date given in the report), Fla Democratic state senator Jeff Clemens tried and failed to get Director of the Florida Division of Emergency Management Bryan Koon to use the words “climate change” during a state senate budget subcommittee hearing. (Link includes video of their exchange.)

    … Koon once again avoiding saying “climate change”, stating the state’s mitigation plan required “language discussing that issue.”

    “What issue is that?” Clemens asked.

    “The issue you mentioned earlier,” Koon replied as the senate panel broke into laughter at his obvious discomfort.

    As Clemens noted, federal disaster relief funding programs require states to have explicit climate change planning in effect, so Rick Scott’s unwritten fatwa jeopardizes all citizens here.

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