Nye Vs Ham Update

For those of you who watched the debate last night I would like your opinions.

Tell us who you think won the debate and why. Here is a latest opinion poll from Christian Today.

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6 Responses to Nye Vs Ham Update

  1. Ivorygirl says:

    The debate reminded me of Thanksgiving “Nye roasted a Ham”

  2. Larry says:

    Nye did well but creationists like Ham do not base their beliefs on science but on Genesis. The issue was the viability of creationism and therefore it’s basis in Genesis. Along with the scientific evidence Nye should have included points that show that Genesis is myth.

    In Genesis 30 it says that livestock viewing speckled and striped sticks during breeding causes conception of speckled and striped offspring. Ham could easily do that experiment with the help of local farmers if they could stop laughing at him. I doubt that Ham is even familiar with that passage.

  3. Chris says:


    For once we agree. Bill Nye did a much better job.

    However, he won with charisma and inspiration, not evidence. And the idea the country will fall apart without the adherence to molecule to man evolution is pure bull.

    Ham did a good job at first with the hijacking of the word science by secularist. He provided some good examples of scientist who site creationism as a viable model of origins. Even though science has not examples of nothing doing anything, Ham wasn’t overly convincing that some one in creation is a better explanation.

  4. Ivorygirl says:


    I also agree, it’s usually the best debater that wins. I didn’t think Nye was that good,I just think that Ham was that bad. I think the main point that finished Ham is when he said that “nothing could ever change his mind” We all should be open to convincing evidence,even me!!!!

  5. Jonathan Smith says:


    You must have read my quote in the Tampa Bay Times LOL

  6. Ivorygirl says:


    No I promise I hadn’t read your quote. They say great minds think alike LOL

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