At least it’s not in Florida

What is up with Kentucky? That state has become a creationist magnet lately: Creationists hope to establish hall of fame in northern Ky., near museum.

The founders of the Creation Science Hall of Fame, which exists now only as a website, hope to locate along Interstate 75 about halfway between the Creation Museum and the Ark Encounter.

About Brandon Haught

Communications Director for Florida Citizens for Science.
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4 Responses to At least it’s not in Florida

  1. Ivorygirl says:

    More appropriately it should be named “The Creationist Hall of Shame” I’m sure that some of those deceased scientists would be rolling in their graves if they knew.How dare they used the term science? Hey Chris, never know, one day you might make it in there.

  2. Jonathan Smith says:

    Brandon,is it time to do some spam cleaning up?

  3. Hamilton Hutchinson says:

    Here’s the song atheists sing before a hurricane hits

  4. Brandon Haught says:

    Jonathan … now done.

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