And the first out of the gate … Pinellas!

I really need to get a betting pool of some type going when each election season ramps up. Where is the first place in Florida we’re going to see a school board candidate (or candidate for some other elected office) give a thumbs-up to creationism in the schools? Unfortunately, it’s too late to start the pool this year because we already have a hit: Pinellas. The Tampa Bay Times has the story.

One question, about whether creationism should be taught in biology classes, drew a range of responses. [Corey] Givens and Elliott Stern, who’s running in District 1, agreed that there was room to teach about evolution and creationism.

“As long as it’s facts that are being taught in our schools, that’s what counts,” Stern said.

Cassandra Jackson, who’s running in District 7, prompted laughter when she paused and said, “I guess if we’re going to tell the truth, tell the whole truth, under God.”

Admittedly, they were asked the question and needed to give an answer, so they didn’t bring it up themselves as one of their causes. But perhaps the question needs to be asked at all school board candidate forums. The answers can give voters insight as what each candidate’s education priorities are.

Unfortunately, this is all the information currently available about the candidates’ answers. Keep in mind that brief mentions in a news article don’t tell the whole story. These folks may not have actually fully endorsed creationism. We would need a more detailed account of what was said to be sure of what the full meaning and intentions were. Any of you folks have the ability to track that down?

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3 Responses to And the first out of the gate … Pinellas!

  1. Peter says:

    We’ll need to keep an eye on Pasco County as well. It appears that a very conservative candidate Don Stephenson is in the race this year. I can’t see anything very specific about school curriculum on his web page, but judging by the company he keeps (912 groups), it would be very interesting to ask about his views on teaching creationism and ID in our public schools. More to come I’m sure…

  2. Joe Wolf says:

    Kim Johnson sent an appropriate cartoon.

    Perhaps someone should send the cartoon to the Pinellas school board candidates.

  3. chris says:

    Isn’t this Richard Dawkins’s other explanation for life on the planet?

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