AiG in Florida

Sad and discouraging story: Answers in Genesis conference in Florida

Rick Lindsey, minister of students at Hibernia, said over 900 were in attendance at the Aug. 28 evening session.

In explaining the prevalence of evolution as the basis for education, Riddle offered an explanation of the scientific definition. He said, “We must be discerning” because although most of the criteria is not met for evolution to have occurred, it is simply not challenged.

Much to the delight of children—of all ages—in the audience, Riddle showed humorous slides of various dinosaur shapes and discussed whether dinosaurs could have existed with humans on earth.

Evolutionists would deny they could have, but evidence, and Scripture indicates otherwise, Riddle said. In one slide, Riddle showed what one of the long tails described would have looked like on an elephant—and other large animals.

“Commentary can be wrong and embarrassing,” Riddle said, showing another slide of engravings on a brass ring around the tomb of a British bishop believed to be from 1496. “The evidence is overwhelming at that point. It refutes the entire evolution story.”

“You rule out the truth if you cannot accept the truth,” Riddle said. “You accept anything in its place. That’s what evolution is.”

Riddle’s remarks prompted a member of the audience to ask, “Shouldn’t it be illegal for a government institution to teach false information?”

Not skipping a beat, Riddle said the institutions are covered by state laws and protected. “The government, basically, is at war with Christianity,” he explained.

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3 Responses to AiG in Florida

  1. Jonathan Smith says:

    Here we have another prime example of people who have had their brains addled by non-scientific presuppositions and who have decided that their unlettered education some how must supersede observation and evidence I suppose I shouldn’t be in the least bit surprised, given how gullible these people are when it comes to science in general and how much they allow their religious ideology to trump science.

  2. Pierce R. Butler says:

    PZ Myers might get quite upset when he finds out this AIG clown stole his blog‘s signature crocoduck (and mislabeled it a “gator-bird”.

    These guys have no respect for science or private property…

  3. Chris says:

    Jonathan can you explain these artifacts?

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