Age of the Earth Debate Part Two

Brandon had previously posted a letter to the editor disputing the age of the earth and advocating a young earth: here and two responses trash him. Good stuff: here.  In a follow up letter to the Lakeland Ledger, the original writer is complaining of his treatment. He also trots out the same old canards that evolution causes a lack of morality and is responsible for racism in the US. How many times have we heard these arguments?  I have already sent a rebuttal, but feel free to let your thoughts be known.

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One Response to Age of the Earth Debate Part Two

  1. Chris says:

    Studies have shown that there is a lower percentage of atheists in prison than in the general population in the United States. We should see the opposite if morality is related to religious belief. Well, actually perhaps it is related. Maybe the relationship is inverse.

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