Congratulations to Joe and Brandon

It is my honor on behalf of the National Center for Science Education to formally announce that Joe Wolf, President of the Florida Citizens for Science and Brandon Haught, Communications Director of the Florida Citizens for Science have both been awarded the NCSE’s 2008 “Friend of Darwin” award for their services to evolution education.

Both Joe and Brandon have worked tirelessly, giving of their time and energy to promote ,legitimate science education in the State of Florida. Joe’s leadership qualities and Brandon’s tenacious efforts to uncover all the “action” have been outstanding. Congratulations to both of you and please keep up the great work.  I think a celebration party for both of them is due,any suggestions?

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19 Responses to Congratulations to Joe and Brandon

  1. IvoryGirl says:

    Thanks guys,you have done a outstanding job for science education, like Jonathan said, “keep up the good work”

  2. Kathy S says:

    Congratulations!! It is well deserved!!!

  3. IvoryGirl says:

    Now Brandon, about that “BOOK” 🙂

  4. James F says:

    Outstanding! Well done, Joe and Brandon! :mrgreen:

  5. Joe Wolf says:

    Congratulations Brandon, this honor is well deserved.
    As for me, it is all of you who make Florida Citizens for Science work. You are the ones who write and call legislators, you provide wonderful ideas on what we should do and great comments on the issues of the day. You do the work. You helped get our new science standards passed and some of you wrote them. You are a really great group and I am proud to be associated with you. I just try to take advantage of those and encourage of good ones; I just try to think ahead as to where we need to go and what we need to do. You all have done a great job of helping kids here in Florida get a better science education. I am honored to be associated with you.


  6. Joe Meert says:

    Well this is certainly a most wonderful and deserving award. Good job to both of you. I do think that we should have a celebration of sorts.


    Joe Meert

  7. Brandon Haught says:

    Jonathan just revealed to me that he had known about this for a while but managed to keep it quiet until it became official. So, we all now know that Jonathan can keep a secret.

    I’m not trying to sound cheesy here, but doing this work is its own reward. The only thing that would make this work that much better would be to find a paying job that allows me to do it full time. The old adage of “do what you love and then find a way to earn a living doing it” would certainly apply here.

    Promoting science education, whether it concerns the evolution controversy or not, is a passion of mine. Heck, I’m taking college courses in my limited free time as I work slowly toward the goal of becoming a science teacher (if there are any jobs available when I finally graduate; the way things are going now, that doesn’t look too hopeful). I also have some exciting projects in mind for this year that will go a long way toward feeding my passion. Keep an eye on this blog for information about those projects in the coming months.

    I’m proud to represent Florida Citizens for Science and I hope to continue serving for years to come.

  8. Jennifer Hancock says:

    Congratulations you guys. You totally deserve it!

  9. Kyle says:

    Congratulations Guys! Well deserved!

  10. davec says:

    Congratulations to both. Very well deserved.

    I am sure that any celebrations will be intelligently designed.

  11. Debra Walker says:

    Congrats to you both. It is a pleasure working with you! On a day when my 10 year old gets hassled for wearing his I Love Lucy (Australopithecus afarensis) tee shirt to baseball practice, I am proud to be associated with this organization. Clearly there is a lot more work left to do!

  12. S.Scott says:

    Yay! Congrats!

  13. Well deserved! Thanks to both of you.

  14. Green Earth says:

    Congrats guys!!! (and Mazel Tov…….. =D)

  15. MaryB says:

    You two are the backbone of our organization. We would not be the same without either of you. Congratulations on well deserved rewards! 😉

  16. Jeremy Mohn says:

    Congrats to both of you!

    Thanks for your work. It is widely appreciated.

  17. Karen says:

    Congrats to the both of you! The work you do here is so very important – it’s very much appreciated.

  18. Paul R says:

    Way to go, Joe & Brandon! Nice work and very helpful to advancing issues!

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