Evolution: it’s on the test. Someone should tell the school board members!

The Northwest Florida Daily News published a story about evolution in the new draft of the state science standards. (Make sure to click through all three pages of it.) There are a lot of positive, reasonable quotes in the story, such as:

Evolution is already tested on the ACT and many college entrance exams, explained Mary Jane Tappen, Florida Department of Education executive director of math and science.

“Certainly, Florida students would be at a disadvantage if we decided not to include the theory of evolution in our standards,” Tappen said.

“It’s been proven that things change over time. It is science and things do change,” said Lisa Rogers, a Niceville High School biology teacher.

“Our charge is to write first-class science standards; our students would be at a disadvantage if we did anything less than that,” Tappen said.

Since Okaloosa teachers have always handled the topic “beautifully,” Hagan said this should the least of parents’ concerns.

“We have far more serious issues with our kids than evolution,” she said.

Comments made by a few students were muddled. I’m not clear on what the students were trying to say, and I would be interested in knowing what question they were asked.

Oh, and guess what? It just wouldn’t be a story about evolution without yet another person in charge of education demonstrating how little they know about the subject.

School board member Cathy Thigpen hopes the state board will not endorse the proposed changes.

“If it’s to be mandated, then the state needs to think about all of the other forms of creation that need to be taught in order to give students a balance,” she said.

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