Second annual fundraising wrap up

We’re all done, folks! This year we gave a total of $1,775 to 13 classrooms across Florida for science education learning tools. (Last year we gave $1,507 to seven schools.) Here are the schools we helped this time and the kinds of stuff they now have because of you:

>> Pride Elementary School, Tampa (Owl Pellet, Owl Puke Workbook)
>> Chets Creek Elementary School, Jacksonville (Igneous Rock Collection, Rocks & Soil Book Library)
>> Kate Sullivan Elem School, Tallahassee (Hand Lens, Round 5″ Magnifier)
>> Florosa Elementary School, Mary Esther (Inclined Planes and Wedges, Stop Watches)
>> Lockhart Middle School, Orlando (Super Science Concoctions, Mixtures and Solutions)
>> Gibbons Street Elem School, Bartow (Simple Machines Activity Tub, Force & Motion Activity Tub)
>> Ocean Palms Elementary School, Ponte Vedra Beach (Solar System Floor Puzzle, Space Theme Book Library, Solar System Activity Tub)
>> Royal Palm Charter School, Palm Bay (Terrarium Set, Leopard Gecko, Tree Frog)
>> Franklin Park Magnet Elementary School, Fort Myers (Solar System Science Cards, Solar System Model)
>> Palmetto Elementary School, Poinciana (Butterfly Pavillion)
>> Kinnan Elementary School, Sarasota (Binoculars, Color Mixer Lab, Giant Thermometer)
>> Just Elementary School, Tampa (Dissection Sets)
>> East Milton Elementary School, Milton (Watch-It-Grow Window Greenhouse, Real Bugs Discovery Kit, Magnet Discovery Board)

This project was done through our giving page.  Shall we do this again next year?

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Communications Director for Florida Citizens for Science.
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4 Responses to Second annual fundraising wrap up

  1. Joe Wolf says:

    Should we do this another year? YES

  2. James F says:

    This is wonderful!

  3. Melissa says:

    My classroom is one of the recipients of your generous donations. Thank you for taking the time to make a difference for my students. They love science and you have helped give them tools to be successful scientists!

  4. Jonathan Smith says:

    Gibbons Street Elem School, Bartow is next door to my office and I recently spoke to the school principle regarding our efforts. She kindly invited me to attend the class next week to see our donations in action.

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