News Release: Florida Science Education Needs Citizens’ Support

Florida Citizens for Science News Release
Contact: Brandon Haught;

Aug. 12, 2008 — Students in one Florida classroom are trying to get hands-on science learning, but lack fundamental safety equipment like eye protection. Another classroom would love to see the microscopic world up close, but can’t without a basic microscope. Another school district is still battling back from the devastation of three hurricanes, which wiped out its science equipment. Education budget woes felt throughout the state are preventing many teachers from obtaining necessary science equipment, thus crippling them at a time when a brand new set of science standards is demanding that they give students more in-depth science instruction. Florida Citizens for Science wants to lend a hand.

Florida Citizens for Science has launched a fundraising challenge and is asking everyone who cares about science education across the state to pitch in. Through the phenomenal nonprofit online organization, we have identified a handful of Florida teachers who have asked for help in funding science education projects. We are asking concerned citizens to donate money to help these fundamental science projects become reality. Additionally, Florida Citizens for Science will match contributions dollar for dollar up to $600. So, if donators raise at least $600, we will double that to a total of $1,200. Of course, we encourage everyone to shoot past the $600 mark!

All donations are accepted and appreciated, regardless of the amount. Just click on the DonorsChoose graphic above. The money raised stays right here in our state, benefiting our students’ science education.

Some of the schools we hope to assist:

>> Royal Palm Charter School, Palm Bay
>> Country Oaks Elementary School, Labelle
>> Claude Pepper Elementary School, Miami
>> Edgewater High School, Orlando

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Communications Director for Florida Citizens for Science.
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