Let’s help science education here in Florida!

Ladies and Gentlemen, let’s get to work!

Florida Citizens for Science is launching a fundraising campaign to help teachers and students right here in Florida with science education. Through the great site Donors Choose, FCS has selected five science-related education projects to fund. As the school year kicks off in just a couple of weeks, let’s give these teachers and students the equipment they need to succeed!

We’re going to heavily promote this campaign for 30 days. So, first of all, please drop a few dollars in the bucket. Secondly, spread the word! If you have a website or blog, mention this campaign. Talk about it with your friends, family, co-workers, etc. Submit this as a notice in your local newspaper’s bulletin board. Let everyone know that the money raised stays right here in Florida.

Our initial goal is $1,200. However, you folks only need to come up with half of that. Florida Citizens for Science will match every dollar donated up to $600! So, if you folks contribute $600, then FCS will match it with another $600 for a total of $1,200: our goal! If you folks go over that amount, then great; we’ll fund yet more classroom requests.

Why start today, Aug. 7? Because it’s my birthday! I turn 38 today. So, how about giving me a birthday present by helping fund science education in the Sunshine State! Below is a button for you to click (and the button will also be available in the sidebar). Get busy! Let’s see how many classrooms we can help in the next 30 days. (Note, the status bar on that little graphic below and in the sidebar only changes once a week, I think. So, don’t be surprised if it doesn’t move right after you’ve made your donation.)

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11 Responses to Let’s help science education here in Florida!

  1. S.Scott says:

    I chose “May the Force Be With You”.

    How do you get a widget?

  2. deadman_932 says:

    Happy solar circumnavigation!

    I’ll be kicking in 50 bucks just because the cause is good and *cough* I had fun here. Cheers!

  3. Brandon Haught says:

    S. Scott, ship me an e-mail and I’ll send you the code that you can then add to your site.

  4. AlanConwell says:

    HFB, Brandon! Thanks for the link, and I did donate $50. See ya’ next Darwin day!

  5. S.Scott says:

    Happy Birthday Brandon!
    4 minutes left! Whew!

  6. S.Scott says:

    deadman – you’re not leaving are you?

  7. Terese says:

    What a great cause! As a science store here in Brevard, Florida we too value science education and would also be glad to donate. There are a lot of great educators and project ideas on this site. In addition to our donation, I’d like to make a shameless plug for our website.

    Any teacher looking for science supplies please check out our website.


    We currenlty offer all teachers or educators 10% off with some form of Id. We also might be able to get you a better deal on bulk or quanity orders. Leave a coment on your order or call us and we’ll apply the discount!

    Good luck on all your projects!


  8. Brandon Haught says:

    Thank you so much for stopping by and helping out, Terese! I don’t have a problem in the world with your promoting a Florida science-related business like that. The more networking we can all do, the better!

  9. PatrickHenry says:

    I put up a notice at my blog. Who knows? It may accomplish something.

  10. deadman_932 says:

    S. Scott: Nah, I’ll drop in every other day or so to see what’s cookin.’ The battles you fight in Florida (and others have to deal with in Louisiana and Texas, Kansas, etc.) are too important to ignore.

    I normally post at After the Bar Closes (Panda’s Thumb), Talk Rational, …pretty much the list of sites I mentioned in the “Ken Ham” thread, or I can always be reached at deadman932 (no underscored connective) at hotmail dot com. Just in case there’s ever anything any of you might think I can help on — let me know. Cheers!

    I’ll put notices about this fundraising effort around various respectable sites if the folks running this give the okay, or let me know somehow.

  11. Brandon Haught says:

    Heck ya, deadman, spread the word. We’re off to a slow start here and need some help!

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