You made an impression. Congratulations!

Ron Matus, of The St. Petersburg Times education blog the Gradebook, gives an early report on the public meeting in Jacksonville about the new draft science standards. Matus makes of note of the attendance; evolution and science defenders took this meeting seriously. Way to go, folks!

More than 120 people gathered at a public hearing in Jacksonville tonight to weigh in on the state’s proposed new science standards, which embrace Darwin’s theory of evolution as the pillar of modern biology. And though Darwin’s doubters were there in good numbers, they appeared to be far outnumbered by his defenders.

That’s not to say that the anti-evolution crowd didn’t have their say. Matus picked some real winners to quote.

“In my life time, I’ve never seen an ape turned into a human. I’ve never seen us come from slime,” said Ruth Klingman, who identified herself on the sign-in sheet as a former educator.

“I don’t think evolution should be taught in school as dogmatic fact,” agreed Gary Tupper. “I wish people had priorities like putting Christ first.”

Matus also wonders how this mess will end.

Where all this goes is still anybody’s guess. Some observers suspect the Legislature may enter the fray. Some can smell a lawsuit.

Regardless of where this winds up, Florida Citizens for Science thanks you all for showing up and making your voices heard in support of quality science education. Don’t stop, though! We have to keep this up all the way through to the state board of education meeting Feb. 19. Never lose sight of the fact that at least two board members have publicly expressed their desire to see some “alternatives” taught alongside evolution. Beside them, there are too many other unknowns. For instance, this Associated Press article mentions the board chairman:

Board chairman T. Willard Fair, who heads the Urban League of Greater Miami, said he’s never received more correspondence on a single issue, but he declined to discuss his views.

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5 Responses to You made an impression. Congratulations!

  1. S.Scott says:

    I came running home from the meeting so I could report the news to you, but apparently I was beaten to the punch! That’s OK! It really did seem to go very well! What was impressive to me was the amount of Clergy that were there in support of the new standards! A couple of priests and ministers and even a Baptist Preacher! (That shocked me!) I was very pleasantly surprised! The ACLU had a representative there as well.
    There were a few people there that made “Heart Felt” statements saying that they wish that God wasn’t taken out of school -I have to respect them for being honest and standing up for what they believe – and I got the feeling that those people knew that they ought not to push their religion in the public schools. But most of the people that spoke against the proposed standards were trying to “Preach” – and it was apparent.
    There was a plethora of new there – we’ll see how they “Spin” it.

  2. S.Scott says:

    Plethora of NEWS! – Sorry

  3. Greg Laden says:

    Great job, Florida Citizens for Science! We citizens for science from all around the country are in admiration. Keep up the good work.

  4. Josh Krupnick says:

    “In my life time, I’ve never seen an ape turned into a human. I’ve never seen us come from slime,” said Ruth Klingman

    Was that intended to be a joke? I found it hilarious!

  5. Apparently Ruth was being sincere in her statements. It was shocking.

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