FCAT science scores cause more failing schools

Here’s an opinion piece that really brings home just how bad Florida students did on science FCATS.

The number of failing schools in the state quadrupled, from 21 in 2006 to 81 when those abysmal scores came out Friday. […]

Broward County, which had no F schools last year, suddenly has nine. Miami-Dade went from five in 2006 to 26. And the major factor in the descent of so many schools into FCAT ignominy was the addition of science testing.

In most of South Florida’s failing schools, the science scores were beyond dismal. Only 9 percent of Miami Northwestern High School passed the science portion. Only 11 percent passed science in Hallandale High School. Not a single student at Broward’s Sunland Park Elementary School managed a passing score in science.

Even some of South Florida’s best-performing schools haven’t quite made the transition to the 21st Century. In 44 of Broward’s A-rated schools and 72 of Miami-Dade’s A schools, more than half the students flunked science.

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