Bats, gravity and plants

Seven Springs Elementary School students have been going batty lately.

Did you know that there are more than 1,000 species of bats and that they live on every continent except for Antarctica? Or that bats are mammals that groom themselves like a cat, and they actually fly with their webbed hands, not wings?

I really like the Florida Bat Conservancy web page.

A couple of teachers will be experiencing zero gravity: Carla Savage of Auburndale High School, Ellena Huston of Ballard Elementary School, and Mary Epperson of Hudson Middle School.

University of Florida reports that some plants are on the move, but it’s not yet known how.

University of Florida researchers working at the world’s largest experimental landscape devoted to wildlife corridors – greenways that link woods or other natural areas — have discovered the pea and similar species share, given a clear shot, a mysterious ability for mobility. Though their seeds are neither dispersed by birds nor borne by the wind, they are nevertheless far more likely to slalom down corridors than slog through woods.

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