Science news galore

There is all sorts of cool science news out there recently!

Could we actually see wooly mammoths roaming the land in the future? In the New York Times: Regenerating a Mammoth for $10 Million.

You can name the next Mars rover at NASA. And speaking of Mars, glaciers have apparently been found lurking underground. Oh, and if you find a stray spider hanging around, please let NASA know.

I had trouble finding a news story on this in the American press; there are quite a few mentions in other countries’ media. It’s about eye evolution.

Researchers unravel how the very first eyes in evolution might have worked and how they guide the swimming of marine plankton towards light.

A few Florida students are advancing in the prestigious Siemens Foundation Math, Science, Technology Competition.

On first glance, Jared Goodman and Jonathan Wang seem more the high school honor athletes they are than veteran scientists who have spent several years in the laboratory coming up with a way to treat someone who has suffered a traumatic brain injury.

Jared and Jonathan, who have already gained international attention with their work, will travel this weekend to the Georgia Tech in Atlanta to participate in the regional Siemens Foundation Math, Science, Technology Competition.

The seniors from Oak Hall School are two of six students in the regional finals from Florida. The region also includes students from Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina and South Carolina.

I had no idea that some frogs actually don’t do the free swimming tadpole thing.

The Big Picture has some smaaaaaaal subjects!

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