“Her legislation seems to be faith-based”

Great column in the Orlando Sentinel by Mike Thomas: Senate, House well on way to inherit the wind

To make this all very scientific, the teachers would need “germane current facts, data and peer-reviewed scientific information.”

That sounds good and un-Godly until you try to define terms such as peer-reviewed scientific information. Beyond that, good luck deciding who would have the final say in determining that something met that criteria.

I spent an hour on Google, digging for “scientific information” that claimed to be “peer reviewed,” arguing that Earth is 7,000 years old and that T. rexes ate plants until Adam and Eve ate the apple. Then they got dressed, and the T. rexes switched to the Atkins Diet.

Imagine a teacher introducing such material as a critique of Darwin, with administrators and parents unable to infringe on his academic freedom to do so.

If you don’t think this would happen, you haven’t spent enough time in the Panhandle.

In the Senate, Sen. Ronda Storms, R-Valrico, claims there is a Science Inquisition going on in schools, with anti-evolution teachers given bathroom and bus duty.

She couldn’t produce any victims. Like her science, her legislation seems to be faith-based.

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12 Responses to “Her legislation seems to be faith-based”

  1. PatrickHenry says:

    That’s a very good article. Thanks for posting it.

    I wonder if our wise and benevolent lawmakers will pay any attention to the box-office results of Expelled? The thing is really tanking. Daily Box Office. If you look at that website, Expelled is the only film in the top 20 (that’s as far down as I looked) that didn’t show a jump in revenue on Saturday. It’s just down, all the way. (Like turtles.)

  2. Joe Wolf says:

    According to the web site given in the first comment, for last weekend, Expelled is number 10 bringing in $2.97 M from 1052 theaters. For the year it is number 58.

  3. Tom says:

    Documentaries rarely go over in the theatre. Look at Michael Moore or Al Gore. No-doze increased in sales when their fake documentaries hit the screen.

  4. James F says:

    @PH: “Turtles all the way down!”

    Steve Schmidt, one of the PR people, was reported to say that the filmmakers would consider the opening weekend successful if the movie sold 2 million tickets (earning $12-15 million).


  5. Danny says:

    I went last friday. There were about 8 people in the place. 3 got up and walked out half way through the movie. Most people don’t even know what its about.

  6. James F says:

    It has been a critical disaster, too. 0% positive reviews by top critics compiled at Rotten Tomatoes,12% from all reviewers. For comparison, the top critics are giving Zombie Strippers 38% positive reviews.

    This is my favorite recent review:

    MSNBC: “Intelligent design film far worse than stupid:
    Ben Stein’s so-called documentary ‘Expelled’ isn’t just bad, it’s immoral”


  7. Green Earth says:

    Ha ha! And they were “expelling” people from the theater (granted it was a free screening) because they were “in” on this “Darwinist conspiracy”

    I wonder if this means (hopefully) people smelled the BS and stayed away?

  8. firemancarl says:

    Not only that James, but MSNBC called Stein a “Holocaust Denier”!

  9. S.Scott says:

    The Flash point episodes are now available at the link on the previous thread. 🙂

  10. firemancarl says:

    Hey Brandon, this was on pharyngula today I think it might be quite useful. It’s the guide to teaching creationism from the Expelled website here’s the link

    Take a look and I hope “we” can use it to sink Storms bill.

  11. Captdave says:

    S.Scott Says: The Flash point episodes are
    now available at the link on the previous thread.

    Thanks for that tip S.Scott. Hope you don’t mind me reposting that link here to ease its locating by others. That referenced thread:

    FCS on TV

    Is to this Flashpoint episode:

    Flashpoint with our own Joe Wolf

    Once there: right sidebar > Flashpoint – April 20th, segments 1 & 2. Endure a 15 sec. commercial, and then enjoy.  😉

  12. Captdave says:

    And that final punctuation is a 😉

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