More support for evolution in science standards

Thank you, Volusia County! A local newspaper, The Beacon, polled the members of the school board to see where they stood on the issue of evolution in the state science standards. All of them were in agreement that science belongs in the science classroom, separate from religious beliefs. Just to be clear, though: the county did not pass a resolution. This was just a newspaper article about the school board’s thoughts, is all.

School Board Chairwoman Judy Conte, who represents Northeast Volusia County, said, “The home is a good place to teach religion, I think.”

She believes science should be taught in a science class and religion taught separately, “and not confuse the two.” Conte added, “The last I knew, the Earth revolves around the sun, and not vice versa.”

School Board Vice Chairwoman Diane Smith, who represents Southwest Volusia, said the State Board is talking science standards, not religion, and these science standards are created by experts in their fields.

Also, state board of education member Roberto Martinez asked for the opinion of the National Academy of Sciences concerning evolution in the science standards. He got a letter in response that was solid in its support.

We fully support efforts by the committee that drafted the revisions to Florida’s science standards to include evolution as an integral component of modern scienec education for students in your state.

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