Threats and negative comments

The issue of evolution tends to bring out the passion in folks. I can understand that. However, to take those passions to an ugly extreme is uncalled for and not endorsed or tolerated by Florida Citizens for Science. A comment in this post’s thread reports that some folks may have been receiving threats and personal attacks. Florida Citizens for Science condemns such threats and personal attacks. My sincere apologies to anyone who has been the target of these kinds of messages.

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3 Responses to Threats and negative comments

  1. Pete says:

    Why apologize for something you didn’t do? And why bother apologizing at all for something that may or may not have happened and hasn’t been verified?

    Honestly, I’m sick to death of treating these liars and cheats with any sort of dignity or respect. Why bother when every time they crawl out from their holes they lie and twist to stack the deck further in their favor.

    The death threats from the fundies against people that support reality-based reality are well documented and hardly cause a stir, it’s just expected. Two wrongs don’t make a right but I’m not losing sleep over this.

  2. firemancarl says:

    What was said? I clicked on the link, but it didn’t go anywhere.

  3. Brandon Haught says:

    I guess I can’t link directly to comments. I’ve changed the link to at least point to the appropriate post.

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