Update on instructional materials bills

Two companion bills have been filed in the Florida Senate and House that have a lot of potential for disrupting education in Florida schools. These instructional materials bills have more than one focus, but the one most concerning to us at Florida Citizens for Science is the back door it opens for inserting creationism in science classes. Please see our previous posts on this issue: Time to talk about textbooks, Tracking Textbook bills, NCSE takes note of Sunshine State bills, National Coalition Against Censorship takes an interest, Yet more examples of what we’re up against, and Florida Citizens for Science News Release.

TextbooksSo far, the bills have been assigned to committees for hearings and votes, but the bills have not been put on any committee’s calendar yet. However, groups that support the bills haven’t been idle. They visited Tallahassee in person last week and spoke with several lawmakers in person. They also distributed materials to all of the lawmakers. This work has resulted in more than a dozen lawmakers adding themselves as co-sponsors of the House bill, giving it support.

We know that Florida Citizens for Science members and friends are strong advocates for science education. Now is the time to put action to your words. Use the information in our press release to write to and talk with lawmakers. Write newspaper op-eds and letters to the editor. Contact us to volunteer your services in whatever capacity you are able. It’s time to get to work.

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