Yet more examples of what we’re up against

We here at Florida Citizens for Science are tracking two instructional materials bills filed in the Florida legislature that could have wide-ranging negative impacts on textbooks in our state’s classrooms, especially science classes. Please see our previous post for the details about the bills (Time to talk about textbooks).

millerlevineOne of the main forces behind the bills is the group Florida Citizens’ Alliance based in Collier County. They’ve recently added a post on their website detailing some problems they have with two textbooks. First, they have complaints about World History Ancient Civilizations that shows yet again their strongly anti-science, creationist viewpoint. They take issue with the famous “Lucy” fossil being called a human ancestor and they question fossil dating methods. They then take a shot at Miller & Levine’s Biology textbook used in 9th grade. The reviewer doesn’t like the textbook’s claim that evolution has been proven valid by many tests in many different fields of discipline. The reviewer writes a long rant about how many scientists find fault in evolution. But, of course, the rant is packed with creationist talking points.

For those of you who like such exercises, I invite you to read the textbook reviews at Florida Citizens’ Alliance I linked to and write your rebuttals in the comments here.

This is a clear example of why the instructional materials bills are dangerous to education. Everyone concerned about quality science education needs to take action to oppose these bills. Contact your local lawmakers and ask them to deep six this awful legislation.

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