Research Experiences for Teachers (and students)

Congratulations to Lake Weir High School physics teacher Mark Johnson for being chosen to attend the prestigious National High Magnetic Field Laboratory program … for the third time. Way to go!

Johnson was one of 17 teachers from around the country chosen to attend the prestigious National High Magnetic Field Laboratory program.

Called Research Experiences for Teachers, the summer residential program is held on the campus of Florida State University in Tallahassee. It is the third time in five years that Johnson has been chosen.

The program gives kindergarten through 12th grade teachers, who are individually mentored by one of the lab’s scientists, a chance to participate in cutting-edge magnetic field research.

The idea is for the teachers to take the knowledge back to the students in the classroom.

Here is a link to the UF Research Experiences for Teachers page.

As for students, here is a fun story about Mowat Middle School sixth-grade science students participating in a little bit of archaeology.

Also helping out was retired Mowat science teacher Pat Adams.

“Mr. Smith and I have dug more holes than a cat with loosey-goosey,” Adams said.

Dylan Barfield said it was his first dig, and he would like to do more on his own. When asked if he would start in his own yard, he winced.

“Possibly,” he said, “but my mom would kill me.”

One group got off to a slow start.

“We had to start over three times because we didn’t find anything,” Savannah Chandler said. “Then, there were too many tree roots.”

Just then, Tori Hollingshead struck something. The team excitedly dug it up.

“We found a flip-flop,” she said, her smile fading.

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