Yecke to seek Fl education commissioner job

I had missed this news tidbit a while back. A couple of people have declined to step into the Florida education commissioner job. One person eager to jump in, though, is Cheri Yecke.

On the other side of the equation, state K-12 chancellor Cheri Yecke has announced that she will seek the commissioner’s chair.

Yecke, who has led the education departments in Virginia and Minnesota, came to Florida two years ago, abandoning a run for Congress in Minnesota.

“The whole battle about standards and accountability was fought and won here a long time ago,” Yecke told Times. “Folks in Florida are moving forward in a very positive way. To me, that is just so refreshing. I would like to stay here.”

Yes, that Cheri Yecke.

(edited to add:) Oh, did I happen to mention that the Florida schools’ science standards are up for review later this year?

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